Destiny: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (The Clara Clarke Chronicles Book 1) by Jessica Laflamme

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An independent woman in a matriarchal world. A town lost in a parallel universe. 

My name is Clara Clarke and I’m a paranormal investigator in Londinium.

Mother abandoned me as a child and the only memory I got from her is her books. They kept me company for long hours in a small apartment above a brothel, where I grew up with my father.

My father is now in danger from dark forces, but I’m not aware…

My troubles start when I enter this universe on a perilous mission to find the lost town. A family has gone missing inside of it and I must recover them.

On my journey, I will meet men who will want to claim me theirs. Like my handsome loyal assistant Alfred, and Ratiik, the aloof, free-spirited, wild, sexy beast rakshasa.
They will help me face dangers that are beyond my imagination.

But there’s the greatest menace of all… One that haunts my past. He has returned…

Destiny is the first book in The Clara Clarke Chronicles, a reverse harem paranormal romance and fantasy series, in a unique combination of gripping mystery, sexual encounters and witty humour.
Recommended for adult readers.
This book ends with a cliffhanger and cannot be read as a standalone. 90,000-word full-length novel. 

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