Beta Readers

We contract with Beta Readers who are intelligent, avid readers who have experience formulating constructive criticism into logical feedback for authors. Our beta readers will bring a fresh pair of eyes to your novel before sending it out into the publishing world. They will approach your work as a reader, and give a full report on what worked and what didn't, as well as that all-important why. You need to know if there are any parts of your story a reader will most likely skip because of boredom.

What is included:

  • In-depth feedback from experienced beta readers who are familiar with your genre
  • A rating (0 to 5 stars), which allows you to know how other readers might rate your book if published at this time
  • The beta readers have the option to write a review for your story.

Our beta readers will assess your dialogue and character credibility, plot weaknesses and strengths, pacing and story arc and will do so in a professional, considerate manner. In addition to pointing out your story's weaknesses they will tell you your strengths as a writer. The beta readers will use track changes in Word to provide specific comments as they go, and then write up a beta report which is 7-10 pages, depending on your novel's word count.


Word count up to:

  •  30K                        $  50.00
  •  60K                        $100.00
  • 100K                       $125.00
  • Short stories         $  20.00

How it works:

  • Contact Premier Press Publishing to make a request.
  • When reader(s) have signed up to read for you, we'll email you to let you know. We will send you an invoice, and you can send the manuscript to us via email, which we will then send to the readers.
  • The feedback will be returned to you when it is completed by the reader(s) on or before the deadline, barring any extenuating circumstances (which is rare).
  • You may contact Premier Press Publishing any time during the process with questions or concerns.
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What is Included in an Edit?

  • Multiple passes through your entire manuscript using Microsoft Word's Track Changes feature, so you will be able to reject or accept edits as you see fit.
  • Cover-to-cover, line-by-line punctuation, spelling, syntax, and grammar check
  • Check for good transitioning, biased writing (racist or sexist writing, for example), wordiness, and jargon
  • Check for confusing and awkward phrasing, inconsistencies, and redundancies
  • Research and fact-checking as deemed necessary or requested by the author
  • Correcting formatting errors
  • Confidentiality, affordable pricing, constructive feedback, and timely completion
  • Open communication during the entire process (even after the work is completed)
  • Promotion of your work via social media.

The relationship between author and editor should be a seamless choreography that creates a beautiful fluid dance. We will not attempt to change your voice nor will we try to make your story ours. You are more than welcome to disregard every suggestion we make. That is your decision as the author. Our goal is to help you present your best work to your readers.

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Let us know if you need more information ...

Please contact us if you have any questions about the services we offer. We are always happy to discuss this with you before you make a decision about where to take your writing.

Interested in becoming an Editor or Beta Reader?


Premier Press Publishing has very high standards for their Editors and Beta Readers. If you have the qualifications and the experience please contact us to apply.

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