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Double Bluff (The Bluffers Book 1)

Nick is gay, and he'd do anything to hide it. That's why his best friend, Jordan, sets him up on a date with a girl. But things are never as simple as they seem, and dating Aria turns out to be an eye opening experience. With an emerging love interest conflicting with his plans, Nick has a big decision to make: he has to decide whether he wants to live a lie or be true to himself.

Jake West The Estian Alliance

Jake West's battle against the forces of evil continues as he leads the remnants of the Estian Alliance to Te'oull. Hot on their heels is an army of murderous beasts intent on sealing their doom. The war of wars is here. The future of us all depends upon the actions of an ordinary fifteen year old boy. If he fails to restore the weapon bestowed upon the Estians by the Heynai and fulfil his destiny, all will be lost.

Hearts on Fire

Hearts On Fire is the first novel in a tragic and inspiring trilogy. A tale that speaks to the basics of human existence and questions what color love really is, what defines family and how deep can sorrow truly go. It is a fiery drama that displays what happens when acceptance, vengeance and accountability collide.

Mia's Lists of Ten

Ten Reasons I'm in love with Michael Across The Hall
1. He is Michael Across The Hall!
2. He has gorgeous eyes and a super pretty smile.
3. He is kind. I know this, even though I have never talked to him, because I saw him talk to other people and he was nice to them and smiled at them.
4. He lives across the hall and therefore I kind of, sort of, know him (even though we've never talked before.)
5. We now sit across from each other, so now he is not only Michael Across The Hall, but he is Michael Across From Me In Science! Yes! Prayers do get answered!

Business and Academic Letters and Emails (Part II)

Get this letter writing book to master writing seven different types of letters. You can reach diverse goals with letters, so know how to write them effectively! “Business and Academic Letters and Emails. Part II” will teach you how to complete different types of letters, how to write emails, and show how to apply theoretical rules in practice through samples. Find more information on our book below!

Elon Musk: 199 Best Quotes from the Great Entrepreneur

Elon Musk is one of the world's greatest entrepreneurs of our time, and the most frequently quoted one.

This is a mindset of the billionaire and the PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla Inc. and Solar City founder who invests all his energy and fortune on the projects that are designed to make the future of humankind really fantastic. To Musk, establishing a human colony on Mars, creating a high-speed transportation system known as the Hyperloop and building a space-based Internet is the reality of our immediate future.

Ketogenic Diet: Cookbook for Beginners

Ketogenic Diet Cookbook for Beginners is the perfect book to learn about the effective ways to lose weight, boost your energy and give your body an attractive shape. Get the complete information of keto diet foods, ketosis, and ketone bodies, what to eat, how to start, it is safe or not, benefits of keto diet etc. Know about how the ketosis works in our body and results in the rapid weight loss. Difference between the keto and other diets.

Zeva-Book 1

Tristan grew up, trained from birth, that he and the rest of the Zevian race existed for only one purpose... to protect Earth, at all cost. Being the curious person he was and being stuck on Zeva, waiting until the humans needed him, just wouldn't do. He felt a pull toward Earth that he couldn't explain, not yet anyway. When his father was stationed on Earth to stand watch, the missing pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place. It wasn't until he met Ember that he knew his life had changed forever. She was beautiful, smart, but most of all forbidden. The uncanny pull he had toward her would only make his fight to resist her that much harder. She would only serve as a distraction in his life and more importantly has destiny. Tristan was on the brink of his Ceremony where he'd morph for the first time ever, and his responsibility would become greater than ever. Especially now that there was a war approaching, he'd reach a crossroad. A battle had already risen within him, between his head and his heart. Would he risk everything, including their lives, or take the safe route and ensure that Ember was out of harms way?

Committed to Beauty

Constantly belittled as a child, Ella Obeta's dream is to one day become a beauty queen- especially after she falls in love with Meya, the boy who defended her from a bully years ago, but who doesn’t even remember her. In her second year in university, her childhood dream becomes a reality when she wins a modelling contract. She excitedly moves abroad to start her modelling career, but when a disturbing incidence occurs barely a month after she arrives, she becomes disillusioned. She soon plunges into a hedonistic lifestyle all the while navigating runway shows and fashion campaigns around the world.


When the group of highwaymen, headed by the disgraced Earl Ravensdale hold up the hoydenish Isabella Murray’s coach, she knocks one of them down and lectures them all on following Robin Hood’s example. In fact, she has been long resisting the urge to escape from her parents' plans for her advantageous marriage and become one herself.

The Heart Palette

The collection is a poetic whisper of the different emotions of a heart in the search for tender love. It covers the black, white and grey of falling in and out of love. Touching, ever so slightly to remind us of the warmth and the frigid. It is a gathering of heartbreaks and hopes pulled in together. A trace of feelings and thoughts through the nights and days.

Blessings Of A Curse - USA Edition

Book One of The Nexus of Kellaran Series. A mighty world of magic and wonder approaches a global turning point, and a global war. Young Mark finds himself at the center of an intense whirlwind of adventure, romance, and action that will transform the world of Kellaran in only seven days! A passionately acclaimed High Fantasy Epic! Uses American Imperial (Standard) measurement units.

Morning People

Morning People is a memoir, selective series of moments of an everyday life in an endless city, with friends living along the same path, and unexpected incidents along the way.

The skye in June

The Skye in June

"The Skye in June" is about a Scottish family and their youngest child who has a uniqueness to attract unusual people. They immigrate to San Francisco, California where the child is drawn into the world of mysticism as she and her sisters come of age during the colorful 1960's.


City of Redemption

“City of Redemption” is a vividly recounted suspenseful story where lies, betrayal, sex, drugs and murder lead to a woman's imprisonment.

Flower power ignites into firepower when Liz MacKay, a lonely young woman, entangles herself in a treacherous plot and murder during the Summer of Love.


Ferdie and the Seven book one: When the Angels are Gone

Ferdie Shamley is struggling to recover from the brutal deaths of those most precious to him when he discovers he is one of The Seven, a group of humans gifted with supernatural abilities.

The Unaustralians

Maxine is mad. Her best friend is dead and she blames Australia. That's right - the whole country! She grabs her boyfriend Henry and hits the road, looking for meaning, kicks and vengeance. Their quest leads them into a frightening world of activists, breatharians, eclipse-chasers and techno freaks. They trip through Nimbin, Canberra and Sydney. But they won't give up. They are the UNAUSTRALIANS.

The Great Decoy: An Oak Island Short Story

For two centuries, Oak Island has been surrounded by mystery, and became over the time, one of humanity's greatest obsessions. Many men sacrificed their time, their fortunes, digging and searching there, on the Money Pit. After all, if an island has all those flood tunnels, trapdoors, booby traps, it means something is there.

The Consequence of Loyalty

Jordan Greer, Gerard Martin and Dana Norman make up the best the FBI has to offer in Columbus, Ohio. Under special agent Sean Callaway they operate as the Critical Response Unit, functioning as a highly adaptable and specialized unit, capable of hunting serial killers, bringing down drug lords and catching escaped convicts.

Giraffe Kenneth And The Planets: Rhyming Book For Kids

Giraffe Kenneth Brown Jr. starts his journey through the Solar System and invites you to join!

Interesting and funny story about a giraffe who finds his new friends planets, with lots of facts in simple form about planets and Solar System!
A good night story that will introduce young children to the wonders of space. This is a great way to bring your child to an interesting and entertaining astronomy!

Gulf Coast City

After witnessing a brutal attack on his sister, aspiring young pastor Jacob Carmichael is troubled by why there is so much evil in the world. His journey of self-discovery takes him out of the comfort of his small town in South Carolina, to Gulf Coast City, Florida. Rather than a safe place to begin a new life, Gulf Coast City proves to be a town steeped in human trafficking, greed and vice.

Gone Viral (A Miles Stevens Novel Book 3)

It has been months since Miles Stevens, a time traveling CIA agent for the Department of Historic Intervention (DHI), has seen his former partner, Terri King. 

Upon returning from his most recent assignment, Miles learns Terri and her new partner, Dr. James Brock, have been transported from 2050 and their offices in Langley, Virginia to thwart a bioterrorist assault on the 2032 Olympic Games in Sydney. A genetically altered chimera virus was used in the devastating September 1st attack, resulting in tens of thousands of deaths. It was never determined who was responsible, but AQIA, a terrorist organization from North Africa, was suspected. 

Thane (Everknot Duet Book 1)

When the Huctans conscript Timothy into a secret army—and when a girl with a strange set of skills sets him free—an awkward young man gets the chance to become a hero. Throwing himself into the rebel cause, Timothy ignites years of pent-up frustration and futility in an obsessive drive to fight, spy, and deceive better than anyone else. Losing himself in the exhaustion of training and the danger of missions, he finds friendship with a Thane as fanatical as he is and wraps his new identity completely in service to the rebel Band.

The rebel Band which, unbeknownst to him, was created to be betrayed.

A heart-breaking tale of duplicity, passion, and adventure.

Dorothea's Advice for the Lovelorn

Dorothea Ferrari is out of work and desperate for a job. Despite having no qualifications or experience in the field, she applies for the position of Agony Aunt with a local Sydney newspaper.

Misunderstandings abound when Dorothea asks her Italy-based Nona for advice on answering the sample question in the job application. Nona, ever hopeful of a boyfriend for Dorothea and eventually great-grandchildren for herself, assumes that the advice is needed to assist with Dorothea's own new (non-existent) relationship. Crossing her fingers behind her back at her dishonesty, Dorothea emails Nona's answer to the newspaper and tells the editor that she, Dorothea, is a 75-year-old Italian grandmother with plenty of experience when it comes to love and relationships.

Alex Sager's Demon: Pushkin's Nemesis

What if fictional characters were alive in another dimension, and one came through to this one? When young aspiring model Natalie Nicholson meets best selling writer Alex Sager, he falls for her instantly. Still, he has a few problems, not the least being that he is haunted by his own character. The jaded rake Ivan Ostrowski emerges from his own reality, seeking revenge on the so-called creator who has imposed a series of unhappy love affairs on him. Besides, Ostrowski has seen Natalie from afar, and now wildly infatuated with her, schemes to draw her back with him into his own world. Natalie is unwillingly drawn into a nightmare situation which few can credit. Alex himself cannot believe - as his closest friend insists - that he has brought this situation about through insulting a sinister being known as 'The Magus' at an Ouija board session many years ago.

Self-Discipline: 20 Tips On How to Become Productive, Happy with Proper Mindset & Habits

Are you unproductive, unhappy, depressed and feel your life is meaningless?

Fortunately, you can change your life for the better by breaking your bad habits and replacing them with good ones. To do that, you need to nurture self-discipline, which plays quite a monumental role in changing your life positively.

Wilderness - How to Marry Jesus in 10 Years or Less

One family's journey through 10 years of homelessness and trial, as they dared to throw their whole weight upon God's faithfulness, and follow His leading, no matter the cost.

30 Days Fit Body Meal And Workout Plan

It is Time to Change! Become Your Own Personal Trainer with Your Best Home Workout Guide, Meal plan and Bonus Healthy Recepie Book. My name is Natalia Zorina, I am certified dietician, nutritionist and personal trainer. I am also fitness bikini athlete, was lucky to step on stages both in Europe and North America. This book is a guide containing my best experiences and practices. Do you know what happens after you finished pre-written meal and workout plan? You usually need a new one, but I want to teach you to how create your own meal and workout plan yourself with no worries. This book is something special, something what is going to work with every person. After reading this book you will not just have personal meal and workout plan, but also a knowledge that will let you to move towards your dream body step by step.


Urban Založnik, author and a teacher of secrets to success in the field of money, career, relationships, health, and persona growth, divided his book into five main Parts that help you reclaim the hidden treasure within you. Each part shows you how to transform your life forever by unleashing the miraculous power of your subconscious mind to solve your everyday challenges. Each Part has chapters. Every chapter endeavors to enable you to discover the secret to your health, wealth, happiness and eternal youthfulness.


Giving It Away - Exposing the Fallacy of NSA

Amelie Peyton Cash questions tradition and authority. Her unwillingness to follow the beaten track has led to an emotionally intense life. Luckily. for us. she now puts down in writing everything that her imagination and intuition dictates. Her writing is based on her true life story including: childhood, marriage, children, divorce, loss, grief, pleasures of the flesh, sensual delights, sexual assault, illness, heartbreak, lessons, answers and understanding. The message here for all women is to re determine our value in today's sexual culture.


The Front Porch

After getting dumped by her fiancee, Alex Rafferty runs into a construction worker who steals her heart, in spite of her reluctance to get involved again so soon after her break-up. But, Alex's kid sister Riley thinks Tony is the ideal man for her sister. When Alex's family finds out Tony doesn't work for Ocean Breezr Development, he owns the company, things get very complicated.



Luna Ashwind is the Watcher’s top assassin and her marks are the big, bad uglies that slither out of Hell. She’s worked for a secret society of demon hunters since they found her broken, bleeding and unconscious just four short years ago. They nursed her body back to health but her mind is a different story.

The Writers of the Universe

"The ending has been changed! Through their words written in stories and books, The Writers of the Universe control the lives of us all. A struggling human author and quite possibly the most unlucky person in existence is about to leap from the page and journey to realms unknown in order to bring back chaos and free will to the universe. For without uncertainty, without fear of the unknown, there is no point in going through life if its only purpose is to get to the end of the book."


The Day of the Universal Holos

Young Dalliance is a woman of humanity's last generation. Her life is filled with the consequences of a malfunctioned genetic engineering that left much of the population dead or malformed. A world where to combat discrimination against those deemed ugly and genetically-inferior all are required to wear holographic masks to hide imperfections.


The Mostest Man

“Who are you, Mr. Amonti?”
That was one of the questions the police detective asked Nick when he interrupted their business lunch. The detective wasn’t amused with Nick’s flippant answer.
After the incident at the charity banquet, the business trip to Cauldwell, and the weekend in Atlanta, Danielle was sure of three things. Nick Amonti was The Mostest Man she had ever met: She was totally in love with him: And, she had no idea who Nick Amonti really was.

Entromancy (The Nightpath Trilogy)

2076 is not a good year to be a special agent. A quarter of the world's power runs on ceridium, a newly discovered element that has had the unintended consequence of spawning a new race of people, and several forms of magic that were once thought to have been forgotten. Eskander Aradowsi is an agent of NIGHT, a paramilitary force created to contain and control this new perceived threat, but he soon learns that not all within his organization is as it seems.

Trying to Conceive : 48 Reasons Why You are Not Pregnant Yet

A woman's body is a mixture of cells, tissues, lots of hormones, eggs, tubes and absolute magic. What a woman's body can do when trying to conceive is very fascinating, but when it doesn't do what is expected it can be difficult to know what the problem is. Having trouble conceiving may be the result of current or past health conditions, but often it's simply a case of your body being a little out of sync and not doing what you want it to.

Jake West - Warriors of the Heynai

The Heynai bestowed upon the people of Estia one great weapon to fight the forces of evil, a set of five stones which possess unlimited powers. They housed them in a protective box and entrusted it to a Keeper, a guardian chosen from Earth. For centuries, the Stones and the Keepers defended their world against wizards, tyrants and armies. Until the day that two ordinary fifteen year old boys from England broke them.

Miles of Experience (Revised)

This is a collection of short stories that takes us around the world and covers the different times and places, and different views.

Flames to the Beast (Volume One Blood Legacy)

After the dismal slums of the city, Fortaleza was aglow with the orange flickers of the tavern fire and Leonardo's howls of death were no longer heard, Eli Santos became overridden with failure and guilt. Distraught over the death of his rouge brother-in-law, there in the darkness, a figure emerged. An ally turned foe, commanding leader of the Holy army in the Order of St. Michael- Keller glorified in murdering one of Eli's own kin after he exposed him as a werewolf. 

King's Table (Everknot Duet Book 2)

Becoming a Thane—an elite rebel spy trained to deceive, manipulate and kill—was Timothy’s life. He was driven. Obsessed. Fanatical. Then, in a moment, he lost everything.

Now Timothy fights for survival and revenge in the Huctan death rings. When his recklessness and skill take him all the way to the Huctan capitol, he finds himself enmeshed in a deadly game of lies and deception. While his brother leads a last desperate rebellion in Botan, Timothy must rub shoulders with the Huctan princess, match wits with the man who betrayed his country, and navigate the plots, duplicity, and tests of loyalty that could decide the fate of his nation.

A Paused Heart

Unable to fall in love one wonders if he were cursed. What does it take for one to fall in love? Money? Determination? Or is it............... A heart? A story of a boy unable to fall in love despite being surrounded by many girls. Camping.......... The perfect opportunity to be with the one you love, it takes place in a school club setting.

Essays Become Easy (Part 2)

Do you need to get essay help? Buy “Essay Becomes Easy. Part II” and you will know how to write essays of seven different types! With our practical guide for students, you will definitely improve your writing essay skills and increase the chance of receiving an A+ for your papers.

The Villainous Viscount: Or The Curse of the Venns

An appreciative satire of the clichés of traditional Gothic. When Clarissa Greendale inherits the fortune of disreputable uncle she hardly knows, she does not expect to find herself forced into marriage with an aristocratic fortune hunter and wild, brawling, debauched social outcast. Still, she has always found Harley Venn set off the most unmaidenly tinglings in her; that is one consolation. Yet neither did Clarinda expect to inherit the legacy of evil from half a century before. For the wicked if beguiling Lord Venn seems to have inherited a family curse, which, having dispatched the main perpetrators of the old crime, now moves on to their heirs, who are just as wild a set of rakes as their elders. There are rumours of violent deaths preceded by appearances from an inexorable hooded spectre, of inexplicable strikes of lightning, and of haunted mirrors. The light-hearted Harley Venn dismisses all these as conjuring tricks. He even hires a drunken charlatan of a professional magician to prove it. Clarinda is far from sure that there is any rational explanation. Still, it would take more than an enforced marriage to an incorrigible pugilistic libertine or persecution from malevolent spectres to damage her steely nerves and sense of the ridiculous.

Never Ending Spring : A good clean Christian mystery

Jack Johnson hates God even more than he does his daughter’s killer. When she and his son-in-law are murdered in cold blood, Jack Johnson’s anger at God reaches its zenith. Frustrated with what he sees as police incompetence, Jack begins his own investigation. His interference causes another death. Feeling trapped, the killer sets his sights on the remainder of Jack’s family. As Jack hunts for the murderer, another pursues him. The Holy Spirit will not let go of the one who is the object of so many prayers. Will God answer Jack’s wife’s and granddaughter’s prayers in time to save his life and soul?

Pathfinders Rebellion

Quest Landing is celebrating her sweet sixteen in the year 2055. She's a normal teen who lives for gaming and is on the honor roll. The biggest monopoly in the country is releasing a ground-breaking virtual reality game called Universal Gaming. The company is Codingz. Quest has been a diehard fan of the company's games and his been following their progress as a company for as long as she can remember until she meets a strange teenage boy. He's expressionless, quiet and very odd. The more Quest gets to know him, the more she learns about Codingz and the other worldly people she fights to help. She sets out to stop Codingz with her friends. This hopeful group of teens will stop at nothing to defeat Codingz.

Paleo Cookbook for beginners:

First book in the Ultimate Paleo Cookbook series!

When people tend to adopt a new living method and a new diet; they might be looking for the best way to help them feel better and live healthier; this is not an assumption, but rather a truth. Indeed, we can call Paleo diet the unique lifestyle choice par excellence that encourages the consumption of certain foods more than other types of food.


The Sandcastle People

Melody Dover is not happy about moving. In fact, as soon she reaches the new home her stepfather has chosen for her, she runs way. But when she finds an amazing sandcastle in the beach near her home, she soon finds herself traveling much further than she intended.

Short Beats: A collection of Micro-Tales

In just four or five lines you get the whole story.
In the tales, we have tried to capture the different moods and emotions, from the happiness of being a parent to the sadness of a mother parting from her only child, from the love in the old age to the unrequited love.
The story telling style is inspired - but not limited to - haiku, tweets, and tiny tales. Some stories are written like poetry in prose and some are just in form of dialogues.
The book doesn't conform to any fixed style of writing or narratives; it is as free flow as life itself.

The Unseen Face

James Maddox must face the demons of his past and question everything he thought was real; even his own memory. James was used to living without emotion after losing his Emilia unexpectedly; he gave up on happiness the day she died. His plans for their future, of marriage and kids, died right along with her. He preferred feeling numb, rather than feeling the pain of losing his dreams. That all changed the day he received an anonymous letter in the mail with just three words: I am innocent.

Love Talks: 3 Books In 1 (Creative Conversations Series)

Transform your relationship to passionate, joyful, and engaged!
Whether you are on your first date, approaching your golden anniversary, or somewhere in between, these conversation starter books are for you! Love Talks, is meant to be read as a couple, and will inspire you and your partner to create many happy memories in the days ahead! The practical relationship wisdom and creative conversation starters will draw you closer together than ever before.

Dream, Recurring (Island River Tales Book 1)

Can there be a mystery that goes back over a hundred years, that only the dead can reveal?
Lucy has been having a recurring dream. Night after night she finds herself driving on a winding road with her best friend Sam. She feels lost as this path seems to lead to nowhere. That is until she discovers a house. Curious, she goes up to investigate, discovering that the place is empty.
The mystery of the dream deepens when she realizes that she’s being haunted by an entity. Why is it attached to her?

Project Domino Effect: Secrets to Creating Long-Lasting Success for Millennials

Are you struggling to move forward in your life? ?What are the major differences between successful young people and those who want to be?Often people get stuck in an endless loop of knowing where they want to go.  Project Domino Effect reveals the proven approach many top experts and millionaires are using to become successful.

The Absence of Screams: A Thriller

Eleven years ago, Marcus lost everything. His daughter was kidnapped and his wife was murdered. Now, he spends his days pretending to be paralyzed and touring the country, raising money for missing children. He hopes that if he helps enough people find their missing child, someday he will find his own.
Just as he's about to give up hope, he finds one of the kidnappers. He attacks her, but she refuses to give him back his daughter. In his rage, he kills her, but not before she signals an accomplice. For the second time, Marcus watches his daughter disappear into the night.

Emma Untamed

Widowed Emma Hammond has resigned herself to life as an unwanted, poor relation until the mysterious Chal Pannell appears, seeking the half Romani child that has been rejected by her family.
Emma needs to escape the loveless marriage that has been arranged for her. Chal wants a woman to warm his bed and ease the grief he suffers from the loss of his wife. But their quest to find the missing boy awakens passionate feelings that neither one expected.

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