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Gulf Coast City

by David Lloyd

After witnessing a brutal attack on his sister, aspiring young pastor Jacob Carmichael is troubled by why there is so much evil in the world. His journey of self-discovery takes him out of the comfort of his small town in South Carolina, to Gulf Coast City, Florida. Rather than a safe place to begin a new life, Gulf Coast City proves to be a town steeped in human trafficking, greed and vice.

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Eighteen Minutes to the Beast: A Nixon Watergate Thriller 

by B. J. Thompson

Two audio techs have solved the eighteen minute gap on Nixon Watergate Tape 342.  A Beast that slithers through the streets and halls of Washington DC wants to kill the truth, and two techs want to survive to Tell-All.  Who will get to the Finish-Line first?

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The Turn 

by Matthew Tysz

Scholar was a man with grand ambitions stifled by a mediocre, lonely existence. Quietly, he resented himself for every opportunity he let pass by while those around him found success and satisfaction in a bright and happy world. One day, he stepped outside and the world had ended; the sky was dark and the ground was covered in ash. 

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