Puppy Training: A Step-by-Step Guide to Train your Puppy Basic Commands, Crate Training, Potty Training, Housebreaking your Puppy and Obedience Training: … Book is a quick guide to train your puppy by NISHANT AWASTHI (

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How to Get Through The First Day At Home With Your Baby Pup
What To Expect From Your Puppy
How to start Training Your Puppy From the First Day
How To Help Your Puppy Understand His Name
Interacting With Your Puppy In His Initial Days
Potty Training
Crate Training
Leash Training
Obedience Training
Basic Commands

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Getting a puppy home is easily one of the best decisions you will ever make with your life. I mean, who doesn’t love those dreamy eyes, those cute little waggling tails or those tiny little paws? Puppies are easily the fluffiest and the most wonderful thing to ever happen to us. And yet, sometimes when your tiny little bundle of joy just won’t go to sleep and it’s already 4 in the morning and you have to go to work in a few hours, you wonder, why the hell did you ever think of bringing this cute little monster into your world?
Most of the new puppy parents that I talk to go through a similar process. At first, they couldn’t wait to get a fur baby. They dream and dream and dream of how amazing their life would be if a tiny little toddler was waggling his tail in the galleries of their home and making those cute barking noises that could melt the Everest let alone their love-filled heart, till they finally realize their dream and get a puppy. And that’s when reality strikes them.
The first few days with your new pup are exactly as you had imagined when you dreamt of having a pup all those nights. They are cute, full of joy and they are just so CUTE!!! It’s because of this overwhelming parental emotion that you have for them that you get through the first few days without any hiccups. But soon that warm sunshine of love disappears and is taken over by the dark clouds. Your puppy just won’t let you sleep! And suddenly, he doesn’t quite seem like a blessing that you thought he would be, rather you see a cute monster in him. Yes he is cute, and nobody can take it away from him, but yes, a monster.
At this moment you start surfing the internet to see if there are others like you who are going through the same phase as you are and maybe you both could help each other out in understanding what is it exactly that your fur baby wants! And how can you get just that extra hour of sleep before work! Or how can you teach him not to piddle on that rug! You think of talking to people who have had dogs to give you a better understanding of the doggy behaviour. You surf the internet to find information to calm down your pup just a tad bit but all the information is so scattered that it would take hours and hours of work for you to get through it, while your puppy chews that new texture he found on your shoe.
At this point you give up on the internet and look to find a book that could be a quick read and solve your tiny little problem, help you manage your pup. And hello!! All the books that you find are again hundreds of pages in length! How are you ever going to read that from cover to cover?
If you can relate to this, then probably this quick read is for you. I have been raising puppies for years now and I have been where you are right now. I have raised various breeds of dogs, some more notorious than the others, and what I have learned in all those years I am going to share with you here in a nutshell. And this will probably help you not only to raise an obedient pupper but also save you a lot of time and money. So be patient, enjoy this guidebook, and be rest assured that you will get through these tough first few weeks with your fur baby and at the end of it you will find a dog that not only loves you to the moon and back, but actually listens to everything you say!

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