The Compound: A Thriller by Ben Follows

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From the author of Blind River and The Absence of Screams comes a new novel you won’t be able to put down!

Jake Lavelle is an agent of the Compound, a shadowy organization that helps hunted criminals dissapear into thin air.

But what happens when one of those criminals starts making waves in the national media?
As a cleaner, it’s Jake’s job to investigate the situation and, if necessary, make the criminal disappear for good.

In the small town of Crescent Point, Jake will come face to face with an enemy unlike any he’s ever faced before, and with the sins he’s tried to ignore.

He will discover that sometimes when you dig too deep into the darkness, you find something dragging you further down, and the only escape from the darkness is a desperate scramble toward the light.

Find out Jake’s fate! Get your copy of the Compound now!

Praise for Blind River and The Absence of Screams: 

“Explosive, extraordinary and engrossing; this is how I would describe this exceptional book. The Absence of Screams is a sensational crime/thriller novel that chilled me to my core from beginning to end.”

“What a great book. I found this book in my hands every time I had a spare minute. ”

“I couldn’t go to sleep until I finished this book.”

“Ben Follows does it again; another excellent read by an accomplished writer.”

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