The Turn Kindle by Matthew Tysz

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Scholar was a man with grand ambitions stifled by a mediocre, lonely existence. Quietly, he resented himself for every opportunity he let pass by while those around him found success and satisfaction in a bright and happy world. One day, he stepped outside and the world had ended; the sky was dark and the ground was covered in ash. The people who survived did not want to talk about what had happened. It was not a bomb, or a war, or anything man-made. But from what Scholar could gather, it wasn’t natural either. It was something malicious, something monstrous. It tortured the world, then destroyed it. The book begins just over two years after this destruction. Scholar is searching for his place in the new world, as he failed to find his place in the old one.

Ashley Rhodes was a Wall Street womanizer trying to survive in darkness, subconsciously searching for vengeance for the brighter world he once knew.

Cattleprod was a charismatic human trafficker who sees the opportunity to set humanity on the right path.

The Turn is a dark story. There is no white knight, just complicated people in a complicated world, looking for their place, searching through the mysteries of humanity, and the mysteries of this new existence, seeking out or trying to forget the global atrocity that had vanished as mysteriously as it had come.

The story starts off as the world presents itself in nuanced ways to the wide-eyed adventure. There will be moments where you might find yourself lost. Do not be troubled by this. The focus of the story is on the characters, who too are wading through this new world as though through a dark forest. You will come to grasp this world as they do.

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